Thursday, September 3, 2015

Good bye!

The meteorologists have promised that the humidity will be leaving today and I'm thinking that should be it for this season. Good riddance, say I! It's my least favorite part of summer and this year August has been a bear.

I'm also not sorry to bid farewell to the weeds that seem to grow faster than I can pull them out. I won't miss that at all! Nor will I miss the need to plan my life around the easiest times to get in and out of stores, grab some groceries, pick up a newspaper, etc., etc. we will pretty much be able to stop thinking "crowds" and just enjoy everything the community has to offer.

So good bye to the negative parts of summer and hello to the positive things that continue well into autumn. It's "our" summer and we've earned every minute of it. It truly is the best of times.

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