Monday, September 14, 2015


That was the sound last night when the transformer blew near our house. Boom! Loud enough to cause one to jump, and easy to identify if you've ever heard it before, which we have here at our house. Last time was a few years ago and at that time it was close enough to see as well as hear. But the end result was the same: no electricity.

We went to bed in the dark and got up in the dark. Flashlights helped, particularly as I was on ambulance duty all night and needed light to get dressed and safely out of the house to where I could get the car lights on.

It was after noon today before we had electricity again. Which of course means it was a morning with no television, alarm clock, Internet, refrigerator, etc, etc. we never remember how much we depend on electricity until we lose it, and getting it back is always a relief.

Just another of those luxuries we take for granted. And certainly a first-world problem...

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