Friday, September 11, 2015

Back again

Well it's been a glorious week around here. Traffic all but disappeared, left turns were possible everywhere. Lines were no where to be seen. It's really been great. I ran into a store today that I hadn't been into all summer because it's just too hard to park nearby in season. I felt as though I'd been on vacation and was enjoying seeing friends again.

Then today, there was a shift in the cosmos. By this afternoon traffic had begun to build again and parking was at a premium. I noticed a distinct change in the air as people jockeyed for position on the roads and searched for parking. Tempers began to fray and suddenly it seemed like August again.

Well, thus is the only of September. Wonderful weekdays and weekends that try our patience. But certainly more good than bad. We only have to get through Saturday and Sunday because Monday is right around the corner...

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