Sunday, August 16, 2015

The run

This morning was the 20th annual Ellen's Run. Well, for us it was the 6th, but for the run it was number twenty.

Ellen's Run was started by the sister of Ellen Hermanson, who died of breast cancer while in her forties. She was born the same year I was and she was in her early forties when she lost her battle with breast cancer.

My battle began in 2009 and the first year I was still recovering from chemotherapy so I didn't have the energy to walk myself. I had no hair so I wore my pink wig and worked at the registration tables, then cheered my family on as they headed to the finish line after walking or running the 5K. I remember it well.

Since then, we've walked as a team, called The Strong Connections as a tribute to my family who suggested we do a team, and as a nod to the many connections represented on the team (family, friends, work colleagues, etc). Three years we won the trophy for largest team, registering over 80 members. This year I didn't put the team together, making the choice to put all that organizational energy into our cancer fundraiser in October instead. But my family joined the hospital team, and once again enjoyed the energy and friendship
of the morning.

I always think about Ellen, and how many other lives are touched by cancer. And I say a little prayer of thanks for being here for yet another run.

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