Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer crazies

This has been the craziest summer ever. I don't remember ever being busier or having as much fun, but it is flying by. A busy life is a blessed (i.e. healthy) life, so I'm not complaining! But I would love to step ff the treadmill every once in awhile and be waited on. I villa somewhere with a staff maybe. Or a resort with a cool spot to read and a guy to stop by occasionally to see if I would like a drink or something to eat. Yep - that would be my idea of a great vacation.

I've actually never had a vacation like that. I think in order to do it you need to be of the manor born. So other than a cruise I have never experienced such luxury. And even when we've been on cruises there's always been the concern about budget. What must it be like to never have a concern about how to pay the piper for our fun? I have no idea, but I'd love to find out.

Well, I know there are lovely places to go where every need will be met and there are books to be read and tropical waters to tread....I can dream about them! Can't we all?

I'll have a tropical rum punch, please.

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