Sunday, August 23, 2015


We braved the crowded roadways today after church and headed to Riverhead. With a bathroom renovation in progress we needed a toilet, sink, and fixtures so it was time to visit Lowes. We had a granddaughter with us so our first stop was Friendly's in Hampton Bays for what we thought would be a quick lunch. Little did we know it would be packed and service slow. When the strawberry milk spilled all over me as I was trying to get the straw in it for my granddaughter, I made a trip to the bathroom to try to clean up but it was a hopeless effort. The hand dryer was all that was available (no paper towels) and while I could hold my shirt up to get close enough for some results, the pants were impossible. They were soaked. And the shirt, while dryer, was now stiff and sour smelling.

After we ate (in some discomfort) we back-tracked a couple blocks to my favorite women's boutique and I grabbed a new pair of pants and a nice top, changed out of my wet clothes, paid the bill and once again we were moving west.

Once in Riverhead we stopped briefly at Bed, Bath & Beyond, then grabbed the toilet, sink, and faucets and loaded up the pick-up, and turned the truck back east for the trip home. Of course all the traffic was heading in the other direction now so the return was easy and uneventful.

All in all it was a successful day. We have what we need for the new bathroom, and a new outfit as a bonus.

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