Sunday, August 2, 2015


The house is so quiet today. The visiting family has left after a nice long visit.....and I keep waiting for them to come in from the beach and bring the energy and chaos with them.

At the age I am now life is constantly changing. We are alone, we have a houseful of company, we are busy, we are bored, we have an empty calendar, we are running all over the place....much different from the years when the kids were young and every day was pretty much the same: school, practices, rehearsals, homework-there was a rhythm to it all, day in and day out. Now, there is not a lot that's the same from day to day. Even our meal times are no longer regular. Schedules are rare.

We've had weeks now with family company and more scheduled lives than normal. But they're gone now and we'll return to our usual, oddly unscheduled lives. Busy enough, but different all the time.

The house is so quiet today.

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