Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My husband and I eat out far more often than I ever imagined I would. Which isn't that often, but when we were young I never thought we'd be able to eat out, ever. Because with four children, and one income, and household expenses, I could barely manage to put food on the table. Eating out was a special treat that only happened when my father wanted company and called us to be his guests.

Now we eat out about every other week. Not at fancy places, but local restaurants that are open year round and reasonably priced and dependable. Most nights I don't even eat a regular meal at night-I tend to eat by big meal at lunchtime, not at dinner.

But here's the thing: sometimes, when I'm eating a simple meal at a local restaurant, I feel guilty. Because I think if we saved the money we were spending on that meal, and ate at home like we always used to, I could probably do something amazing with that money after accumulating it for awhile. Like feeding hungry children or something.

It really makes it difficult to enjoy the occasional meal out....sigh....

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