Saturday, August 22, 2015

Christmas in August

We wrapped Christmas gifts today. People get annoyed when I tell them that I'm wrapping gifts in August, but it's pure survival to me.

Our family has gotten big and there are now 20 of us in the immediate family. I like to buy more than one gift for each of them. And I have extended family that has a gift lottery type thing so I shop for that person at the last minute. Of course my husband needs multiple things to open. Then there are the special gifts for people I like to remember. So it all adds up to a lot of gifts to buy.

I learned many years ago that the best way to enjoy the holidays is to reduce the stress associated with them. My goal every year is to have most of the gifts bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving. I don't always have it all done (children's special requests come in at the last minute) but the majority is done now.

Here are the advantages to having my gifts bought and wrapped already: I get great buys by buying early. There are sales and bargains galore in January and February! I get wrapping paper and tags half price right after Christmas so I'm ready to go. And because there are no gifts left to buy, I enjoy attending Christmas programs, baking cookies, and going to parties in December. It's really my favorite month of the year. All fun and no stress. Try it sometime-you'll love it!

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