Monday, August 24, 2015

Boston EMS

I'm enjoying the show on tv called Boston EMS. Basically it follows ambulance crews around the city as the run from call to call taking care of people. It's fun to see a city EMS system. But the thing that strikes me as most interesting is the fact that there are so many similarities.

Honestly, most the things they see in Boston (and probably any city) can be seen right here on the East End in the summer. With the exception of the train/subway accidents, we've seen just about every type of call that I've seen on the show: same MVAs, same elderly calls, same drunks, same everything. Just more of it.

I guess it isn't surprising since people are the same everywhere. But somehow I expected it to be more intense in the city. I guess they just have more people to handle it all. Other than the uniforms, (and a paycheck) I think we're pretty much exactly the same.

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