Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It's a beautiful time of year here on the East End, and I feel badly for the people who are so busy complaining about the crowds and the traffic that they can't see it.

The most amazing thing right now is the hydrangea bushes. They're everywhere, and they're fabulous. From white to purple to pink and blue, I've never seen one that I don't love. Those big showy mop heads of color just jump out at me when I'm driving down any road, often distracting me as I swing my head to see them and check out their spot on the color range. There's nothing better.

Right behind the hydrangeas are the spectacular lawns here. I can't imagine that there's a place in the world with more beautifully manicured, more expansive lawns than here on the East End. When I walk in the early morning with a friend, I am always struck by the glorious green lawns we pass along the way.

And of course there are the beaches, beige and empty no matter how busy the weekend-there are always places where you can find solitude, watching the waves, listening to the birds, smelling the salt air.

August has many charms and they're all on display right now when the weather is lovely and the livin' is relatively easy.

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