Saturday, July 25, 2015


Today is wedding day. I love weddings.

The wedding we're attending today is a family wedding, which makes it especially wonderful-a "circle of life" moment. And what's so unique about this one is that my nephew is marrying a young woman that I've also known her whole life. Her parents have been good friends of ours since she was very young and she was in my son's class in school-they were good friends as well. So now, to have a nephew marry her is a real special moment. It's a lot like family marrying family only without the incest part! Of course my nephew did not know her as a child-they attended different schools growing up. But as sometimes happens, fate steps in and here we are. I'm thrilled that this person will now officially become an official member of the family.

So off we go, to celebrate with family and dear friends, a very special day indeed. Two lives, and two families, joining together in marriage. It's a wonderful thing.

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