Monday, July 27, 2015

Wake up call

I've come to the conclusion that everyone should have a "wake-up" moment in their life after the age of fifty. Because my brush with death has changed me so much I want to share my new-found appreciation for life with everyone.

This past weekend, celebrating a wedding with family and friends once again reminded me of how lucky I am to have gone through cancer in my '50s. Because I approach, and then experience, each special event with such new appreciation and joy. I sit watching grandchildren on stage or on the playing field, or attend a wedding like Saturday's, and never stop thinking about how special life is, how amazing love, family, and friendship are, and how blessed I am to be here to appreciate it all that much more. I think of my cancer as a gift now, because it has given my life new meaning and great focus. Colors are brighter, beauty is more striking, and joys doubled for me.

Everyone should be so lucky....

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