Tuesday, July 7, 2015


We spend a lot more time watching sports in the summer. I suppose that might be normal since it's warm and there are more daylight hours. I guess the big difference is that we watch more live sports, as opposed to on television.

This summer we've been watching games at a local adult kick ball league. And Little League games have been going on for weeks now. The beginning of Little League season is always frigid, to say the least. We sit wrapped in blankets and hoodies, trying to stay warm. Finally we've moved on to more comfortable weather now and don't need coats. But just last week I wished I had brought a sweatshirt with me, so we're certainly not suffering in the heat!

I enjoy sports that are live and I've never been much for watching them on television. With rare exceptions they lack the excitement of being there in person. So for me, sports are much more enjoyable in the winter.

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