Saturday, July 18, 2015


Our first rainy Saturday in while and it feels a bit odd. Not much impetus here to get out and do anything, and although there is plenty to accomplish right here in the house, energy levels are never high when the low pressure systems are in control. It would be a good day for reading. I wish I had a good place to do that.

My dream is to have a reading nook someday. Oh, I have comfortable spots for delving in to a good book, but there are inconveniences. My husband is not a reader so the television is always on. That's not conducive to reading, at least anywhere within earshot. If I go upstairs there is a great reading chair in the guest room, but as soon as I settle in the phone will ring. I can ignore it, but it will be picked up downstairs and for sure, it will be for me. That means getting up and going into my own bedroom to answer it. I need everything within arms length to make the perfect reading spot: a phone, a small table to hold a drink, and maybe a snack. And of course a good source of light. Heaven, right?

Well it won't happen today. Maybe some day.

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