Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Here it is, the beginning of the crazy summer season, and with things the way they are, the holiday making a long weekend and all, things are destined to be bizaare here for sure. I predict many folks arriving tomorrow and staying through Su
nday. Others perhaps for the entire first week of the month. And from here on in its the busy season. There's simply no getting around it.

July has its pleasures. I love all the outdoor time because it makes the house seem bigger and the yard is never crowded. This year we just had all the trim on our house painted and things are looking spiffy for sure. We'll get the flag out this weekend to hang from the front windows, an independence day tradition for us. And we'll remember what we have to celebrate here in the US of A.

The crowds may come and they may not leave until September, but no matter. We are loving summer here in spite of the crowds. Its all about planning around them. And we've gotten pretty good at that! No matter how many cars on the road, the ocean is still beautiful, the ponds alive with water fowl, the grass green and lush, and life is good when you're healthy. So I'm not complaining about a thing...

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