Friday, July 24, 2015


Today I have a big job ahead of me. I am putting together a wedding cake for the seventh time.

Wedding cakes are total labor  of love. They are time consuming, difficult, and very stressful. The work begins weeks ahead as layers of cake are baked, wrapped, and frozen for future assembly. It necessitates finding additional freezer space to store as they are unwieldy and bulky. So it all began two weeks ago as I baked, night after night, four chocolate layers and four vanilla layers of cake. This morning I will run to my nephews house to collect some from his freezer, and lay out all the ingredients on my kitchen counter. I've been getting all the tools in place and now the counter will hold cake, confectioners sugar (boxes and boxes of it), a gallon of milk, dowel rods, cardboard layer dividers, large cake platter, mixer, and various decorating tools. Icing will be made and spread, layers stacked, decorating tubes filled and emptied, and by the end of a long morning, there should be a completed cake ready to be picked up and taken to the reception hall.

I only do these cakes for family - my children, my nieces, my nephews....perhaps someday a grandchild if I'm really lucky. Like I said, a total labor of love.


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Love the cake... but I also love your screen doors on the back of your house. Where did you get them? Saw them on your post of Wed. July 6, 2011