Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I am so torn about air conditioning.

It has only been four years now that we've had any air conditioning in our home. We finally broke down and bought units for the bedroom windows, first for the guest rooms, then two years later for our own bedroom. It seems as though we really don't need it all that often, yet we become dependent on it pretty quickly. And in my old age I find myself becoming intolerant of heat and humidity. So gaining some good nighttime sleep has been a great blessing, for sure.

But now we are having discussions about putting air conditioning in the rest of the house. Those discussions revolve around something called a "split system" which I really don't quite understand yet. But it means the comfort of air conditioning in the entire house, which certainly has some appeal.

But there are downsides as well. Once the house is closed up, I have a feeling the a/c will be on most of the time, even when not really necessary. It's costly, and non-environmentally friendly, and besides, I like fresh air and natural breezes. But who wants to constantly be walking around opening and closing all the windows? mind is whirling with questions and trying to get a handle on what exactly the answers are. I wonder when I'll ever find them.

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