Monday, June 8, 2015


This is one of my favorite days of the year. This is the day my daughter and her family arrive from Pennsylvania for their long summer visit. Of course there will be many great days ahead with them, but this is the best one. Because today, it's all ahead of us: the hours spent together, the games played, the pool time, the summer moments-all laid out in front of us. It's the future of promise. It's the things to look forward to.

I don't live for tomorrow, I really don't. I try hard to live in the moment. But their time with us is so precious that looking forward is more fun than looking back. Because as the weeks go and I am treasuring every moment, I sadly realize our time is coming to a close. And that's much harder than knowing it's all ahead of us.

When the kids were small I remember taking them home on the last day of school in June and being so excited about the summer ahead when we'd have so many adventures to share. Today that feeling is back again, with yet another generation, thinking about the days ahead with anticipation and joy.

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