Sunday, June 7, 2015


The first of the local strawberries are here. It's worth raising a flag for I think!

We stopped at the farm stand early yesterday because we knew it was the first day and there wouldn't be an over abundance so we didn't want to miss out. We pulled up and sure enough there they were, piled high in their green quart containers, red berries as plump and perfect as a picture.

I brought 8 quarts home. Two went to our dinner hostess as a gift last night. Two would be cut up and used as snacks for a couple days. And four were immediately turned into strawberry jam, a dozen jars of it sitting on my counter jelling right this very moment. This afternoon they'll go into the freezer, or to other houses (my children will all want some!), and we'll be enjoying it throughout the winter. I may even make some more during the week if I find myself with the time to devote to the process.

My mother made this jam every year and I've missed it. Somehow it seemed like too big a task. Perhaps, shoes too big to fill. But it's time now. I'll think about her when I spoon it onto my English muffin in the morning....

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