Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Last night we had a rainbow. It had been cloudy on and off all day with occasional sprinkles, and when we got home from the Little League game in Montauk, the big drops of rain were still falling intermittently but the sun was also shining brightly through the clouds and blue sky was evident. As we were walking into the house my husband exclaimed "Look! A rainbow!"

What I thought about later while sitting in the living room was how excited we still get over the sight of a rainbow. I mean, they aren't an every day occurrence, but then again over my lifetime I've seen dozens, so it's not like Haley's Comet or something equally rare. So why the glee over the sight of something like a rainbow?

There is the beauty aspect, which they clearly are. And there is the novelty of the fact that each unique
and different. But my conclusion was that it had nothing to do with those reasons at all, and everything to do with this: it is much more than a rainbow. It's God's promise. It's a special contact with the Almighty. And it always makes me smile.

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