Tuesday, June 16, 2015


we got plenty of rain yesterday for sure! I didn't hear the totals but it rained for the most part of the day, with periods of real downpours. We needed rain so I didn't mind. Besides-it was day stuck inside anyway because I have my son's children on Mondays and that means I go nowhere. With two-and-a-half year old twins and a 16-month-old There is no chance this old lady is loading them all into car seats and venturing out into the world. So rain was fine-the perfect day for it, really.

Today is abut of a puzzle-possible showers but maybe not. The coming weekend is supposed to be beautiful though! Here's hoping...

Summer arrives this month-officially that is. I know many people are happy about that. I honestly wouldn't mind a few more weeks if Spring though. It arrived so late we've barely had time to enjoy it at all.

The next couple of the are among out most "frantic". I hope I remember to stop andsmelltheflowers along the way. Or the privet, or the other smells of summer. Because that's what it's all about

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