Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This was surely a picture perfect day in East Hampton. Perhaps not for someone who wanted to take a swim in the still frigid ocean, but for me-total perfection.

From early morning to what is now nearly dark, there was nothing I would complain about. I loved the clear blue sky, the gentle breeze, and the just right temperature.

East Hampton Village hosted other village officials from all over Suffolk County at a golf outing held at the Maidstone Club. I'm not a golfer but I joined them for dinner there along with the other board members. It was such a treat to hear people all around us talking about how beautiful their surroundings were there at the club. One gentleman, stopping to look out the picture windows on the north side of the clubhouse, stared out over the course as the sun sat low in the sky and said to his golfing partner "Have you ever seen a prettier sight?" His friend said "Well yes-take a look over there" as he motioned to the southern facing windows where the surf rolled to the shore and the greens met the sand.

They were right of course. On a day like today this is just a little taste of heaven...

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