Friday, June 19, 2015


We finally had to break down and hire some painters to do the trim and porch on the outside of out house this year. They started this week and are making amazing progress.

This is an odd thing for us. We have traditionally done all our own work around the house and therefore every project takes forever. Shoehorned in between work and other obligations, do-it-yourself projects seem to drag on forever. But there is no more climbing ladders for us at our age and we had to leave this job to the professionals. Not an easy thing to do when money is strictly budgeted and we are accustomed to being hands-on. But here they are, sanding, scraping and painting away all week. At the rate they are going they'll be done next week and that is unbelievable to me!

In all fairness this is a job that had never been done on a good schedule. With a two-story house and lots of windows, its not an easy task. It seems to be one of those things that was always easy to put off, and it shows. It will be nice to have it looking spiffy again.

Perhaps this will be the last time we need to worry about this task. Hopefully the paint will outlast both of us....

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