Saturday, June 27, 2015


Well after a beautiful week of sun shine and low humidity, we are under the clouds today and I have to say it's downright chilly! I had to change into a flannel shirt at noon just to be comfortable!

Not only has the weather taken a turn for the worst, but the traffic is markedly different all of a sudden. Driving home from Southampton was horrible at 11:00 this morning. And for the first time this season I had to wait for a long line of traffic to pass in order to turn left into my driveway. I don't mind the wait so much,but other clearly do. As soon as anyone comes up behind me sitting there they pass me on the right, tearing up the village green and leaving a muddy mess there by the time July comes to a close. Are people really in so much of a hurry that they need to shave 30 seconds off their travel time? I have a hard time imagining that. But it's a sure sign that civility and calm is over for the time being and chaos is taking over until Labor Day. I am bracing myself.

It's not easy living in a resort town. But I suppose it's worth the price.

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