Thursday, June 4, 2015

My mother's smile

For some reason I was reminded this week of something someone said to me couple years ago. I was going to see someone I hadn't seen in many years-probably over thirty-and as he approached me he said "I would have known you anywhere. You have your mother's smile."

That was one of the nicest things I had heard in a very long time.

My mother had one of the most beautiful smiles ever. She had perfect teeth (before braces made them the norm!) and she smiled a lot. It was friendly, flashing, and infectious, and she used it freely. It was part of what drew people toward her and a huge contributor to her beauty. She was known for that smile and when I was growing up people often said to me "Your mother has the most beautiful smile!"

So I suppose no one could have paid me a greater compliment in terms of physical beauty. Had they said I had her heart it would have been even better!

I miss my mother's smile.

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♥ N o v a said...

I love compliments like that -- ones that remind us of someone we love. They are priceless.