Monday, June 22, 2015

Late again

Once again time has gotten away from me and suddenly I remembered - I haven't blogged in a couple days! Clearly having company in the house is throwing off my rhythm. Or is it Alzheimer's? I wish I knew.

We had heavy downpours Saturday night into Sunday morning but the sun came out in time for us to have a Father's Day cook-out on the back deck. Summer is great for outdoor entertaining but rain can be an issue. If only we could schedule it at our convenience. Like the one summer a few years back when it rained every night but never during the day. Now that's perfect summer weather!

Well hopefully I'm back on track now and won't forget to post this week. Surely some bits of wisdom will come to me. Or not. At least musings will. And they take no wisdom at all.

Here's to a week of good weather and a sharp mind!

1 comment:

Ben Reichart said...

Don't fret. It happens to us all. Company can surely upset the routine but that is a good thing. Keeps us on our toes !