Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I love my irises.

When we moved into this house back in 1979, there was a white fence outside the back door that was lined with lavender irises. I loved them. They are short lived and only out for a short time, but they are so stately and beautiful when that are in bloom.

Over the years we have made many alterations to our home and yard. First we added on to the back of the house, which necessitated the removal of the fence, so we carefully replanted the irises to another spot beside the building.

Then years later we decided to create a "barrier" garden to give us a little privacy from the busy road we live on. We dug up a huge portion of the side yard and began to slowly fill it with bushes and trees, hedging it in to create a quiet spot between the driveway and house. The irises eventually were once again moved, and now they punctuate this garden area with their lovely blossoms every year at this time. They do a nice job of bridging the gap between the lilac and hydrangea blooms and I am always thrilled when the first one bursts open in late May.

I think by now these flowers must be about 70 years old, at least. I love my irises!

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