Sunday, June 28, 2015


I've been lazy enough lately to be blogging on my iPad and I'm not sure its a good idea. Even though I feel as though I proof every time, I find more silly spelling errors later which are caused by the crazy "spellcheck" feature on that iPad.

The same thing happens to me if I'm away from the house and need to send an email on my cell phone in response to one that comes in and needs attention asap. The spellcheck feature on my phone also makes the most ridiculous corrections and I'm constantly reminding myself to go back and check...and recheck...or things go out with sometimes nonsensical sentences that even I can't always decipher. It's annoying at best.

Today I'm sitting at my regular desktop computer, where I can see quite clearly (without a magnifying glass!) and type more easily. So let's see if I make any mistakes here. If so, perhaps its time to stop blaming my gadgets and start looking at myself....

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