Saturday, June 13, 2015


I find myself overwhelmed with "events" in June.

Of course, some of them are wonderful and I enjoy them tremendously. But June has become the month of fund raising events in East Hampton and I am frankly weary of them. For today, as example, I received no less than four invitation to various fund raising events. Now they are all worthy charities and any of them would have been worth my while to attend, but there is only so much time - and money - that I have to spend on charities. By the time I received the forth one in the mail I threw my hands up and said "Enough - I 'm not going to any of them!" And I'm not.

I find that the social season in East Hampton is pretty much one cocktail party, one big gala, one special opening after another. And I now pick and choose pretty carefully. I cannot possibly spend the kind of money it would take to attend all these things, and besides, I do have a family to spend time with, especially in the summer when the kids are in Little League, visiting from out-of-state, and having end-of-year school concerts to attend. I can only do so many things in a week. And they are my priority.

I wish that a few of these charities would choose to do fund raising events in the fall or winter. Now there are weeks in January and February when I would just LOVE and excuse to get out of the house and party!

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