Friday, June 5, 2015


This week the temperature has not been very "June-like" around here. We actually put the fireplace on a couple times because it was so cold it was hard to comfortably spend time in the house. A Little League game of my grandson's meant full on winter coats for these grandparents, and we weren't alone in out attire! What the heck, weather?

We also had a good dose of rain this week, which was badly needed, but certainly contributed to the cold. Truthfully I like the weather on the chilly side, but most people are not happy. Not being a sun worshiper makes it easier for me to deal!

June is here and we are expecting that perfect, warm weather-comfortable and easy to dress for. I wonder what the future holds for us this summer-hopefully this isn't a taste of things to come. I wouldn't mind a lack of heat and humidity, but too much rain would be a drag and it would be nice to not have to grab a sweater to sit out on the deck. We'll see. Whatever it is, we won't have any control over it!

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