Saturday, June 6, 2015


The weather continues to be amazingly cool for June and after the harsh winter we had it makes me wonder if we are in for a not-so-great summer. It seems as though the weather is very cyclical and things follow closely, so we'll see what it means for the coming months,but we haven't had a cool rainy summer in quite a few years now, so who knows? We can only cross our fingers and wait.

In the meantime we are freezing more than usual at Little League games and having a hard time knowing what to wear every day. Socks or no socks? Sweater? Jacket? Hard to know.

Hopefully it will be beach weather soon. Not for me, who rarely goes to the beach (at least not for sun bathing), but for all those who love it. Especially the kids. I loved the beach when I was a kid! It gave me a freedom and joy I rarely knew back then. And I love seeing my grandkids love it the same way.

June is time for short sleeves and no socks. Hopefully soon...

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