Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The plane

First I have to say the plane I flew to Norway on was incredible. It was the new 787, called "The Dreamliner", and it was a dream of a plane All the things I hate about flying (well, almost all of them!) were addressed in this newest of the jumbo jets. The lighting was perfect, there were charging stations between every seat for your phone or computer, there were individual screens that popped out of the armrests between seats where you could watch movies, television shows, or watch the view of the world from the cockpit. It also was used to control your personal light because there is more headroom in the cabin so it would be unreachable from your seat otherwise. Even the bathrooms were bigger and better.

It was a great plane. My only complaint is that it's so big it takes forever to load and unload it and although people were patent, that was tiresome. But if that's the only thing I can pick on, why bother?

I don't enjoy flying. It seems so unnatural to me and I just have a hard time relaxing. But if I have to do it, this is a plane I am happy to do it on.

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