Monday, May 11, 2015


As I prepare for my trip this week I realize that I will be offline for the duration of my trip. I'll be leaving my computer at home and taking a step back in time. I'll have my cell for emergencies, but I don't anticipate using it otherwise. Just like the "old days", I will be truly "away"!

It will be interesting to be away for ten days and not really communicate with anyone. In this day of instant contact whenever and wherever, it's a real throwback to be cut off completely. But I'm old enough to remember the days when long distance phone calls were saved for Sunday nights when rates were cheaper, and our exchange student, who lived with us when I was in high school and is the person I'm going to visit now, did not speak to her family by phone but on Christmas Day, arranged by my father as a special surprise. The only real form of long distance communication then was air mail letters. We all wrote letters.

I miss getting letters. But hearing a loved ones' voice is far ore satisfying, for sure.

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