Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mad Men

We've been watching Mad Men since the second season. It had received so much good press the first year that I caught up with reruns and then jumped in to the second season as soon as we were up to date. Watching the final is odes is sad and I will miss it for sure.

I'm not sure which I like best, the great writing, the cast, or the nostalgia factor. I feel as though I've been reliving my childhood as the 1960s have passed by so realistically through these episodes. From the clothes to the props, it's the most authentic depiction of those years I've ever seen. Every episode makes me smile at least once when some familiar thing passes by on the screen: a macrame wall hanging, a mini-dress just like one I wore, a hair style, a familiar television show plaint on the little TV in the background. No detail goes unnoticed.

This week I actually found myself with knots in my stomach as Betty heard her cancer diagnosis. I think the show is so realistic to me I found myself sitting in that doctor's office hearing the words he said to her. It was too close for comfort for me.

I'll miss it. Great TV comes along far too infrequently.

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