Sunday, May 3, 2015


This morning we said the family from away. It never gets any easier.

I know how fortunate I am to have three of my four children living here in East Hampton. Beyond lucky-totally blessed. I get to see my grandchildren on a weekly basis, and watch them in their musicals at school and on the Little League field and stage. So I am not taking any of that for granted, I'm really not.

But funny thing is, no matter how many you have with you, it doesn't make you miss the one who's away any less. Like with the prodigal son, a homecoming is worthy of celebration. Because the times together take on new importance, each moment being sacred and special. And best of all, when they are home, the entire family gathers around to be with them, meaning we get to enjoy all the people we love in the same place for a short time. Much like a family wedding, it becomes a time for celebrating life and the ties that bind us together. I can sit back and notice the physical similarities in the next generation of children, and enjoy the banter of their parents who fall into their "sibling roles" so easily. Sometimes I wish I could live forever, watching them as they age and grow.

Yes, goodbyes are very hard. But hellos are the absolute best. Here's to the next hello....

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