Saturday, May 2, 2015


Yesterday I was having what is a regular frustrating experience in the local CVS. I was looking for Tylenol PM. As I approached the aisle where the pain killers were, I was dismayed (but not to surprised) to find see it clogged with boxes of product waiting to be unpacked. Why are they always taking deliveries on the days I go in there? Of course it was nearly impossible to find what I was looking for because the piles were too high and too heavy for me to move and there was no way to find what I was looking for on the shelves. And I wonder, what ever happened to the old way of loading the shelves on an overnight shift?

The same thing happens at my IGA all the time too! I try to shop while dodging men in every aisle as they lean over, bend down, move around and try to load items onto the shelves. It's not their fault - they're trying to do their job. But I know in past years there was a crew that came in overnight to unload boxes and get things onto the shelves. What gives??? Is it a money issue? Do they have to pay more to workers on a night shift so they're trying to save on the bottom line? Honestly, it hurting them I think. Because rather than perusing those stocked shelves and impulse buying, or even buying things on my list that I can't access, I am leaving the store spending less than I might have. Who makes these decisions anyway?

The upside of my trip to CVS was that a fellow shopper asked me about my upcoming trip. Which at first I thought was a question aimed at the other person in the aisle with us, because how could she know I was going to be traveling? And then she said she read my blog! I was so surprised to hear that. Honestly, I write my blog for myself because its therapeutic. But hearing that someone else reads and enjoys it is a bonus. I'm glad anyone else enjoys my thoughts and meandering writings. So thank you!

Now...what CAN we do about those crowded aisles at CVS and IGA???

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Ben Reichart said...

funny you should mention those crowded aisles. At the Save a Lot I would be the one blocking those aisles. Our truck delivers every tuesday and friday morning. This has occurred in this fashion for many years now. Yes, it is a money thing. The cost of labor for a night shift plus the cost of running the lights and maintaining the heat at night being the primary factors. Also the delivery costs more at night for the same reasons. The trucking company doesn't want to run a twenty four hour shift either. I understand how you feel, however, as I said this is a regular pattern and it also seems like the patrons complaining are the same ones. Come on any other morning other than tuesday or friday or come any day in the afternoon and the problem is solved. Plus, I don't want to work at night, do you ? LOL, there are two sides to every issue as you well know.