Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Today was one of those crazy days that occur every once in awhile.

It started with exercise at 6:15 when my friend met me for our morning walk. They were working on paving Main Street overnight and weren't quite done yet so the noise was defining and every time a vehicle went by it kicked up an incredible dust storm. We were choking on the stuff. So once we got far enough we turned onto Pondview and suddenly the noise of the street faded away and we were in a blessedly quiet world of early morning light and peace. It was lovely.

Down Pondview, crossing over Hook with the reeds lining the roadway, and then left onto Egypt for our last leg. A great way to start the day.

From there on it was non-stop as I got showered and dressed and started checking off my list: grocery store, unload, village hall meeting, Southampton luncheon, back to attend grandson's author's tea, then home to finish putting the groceries away, sort the mail, and head out the another grandson's Little League game. It was 7:39 before I was home and able to help with laundry, take a load off, and blog.

Sleep will come easily tonight.

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