Thursday, May 28, 2015


Being in Norway made me realize what horrific consumers Americans are.

In Norway, the people have one of the highest standards of living in the world. The are generous, warm, kind people. They are also frugal, environmentally aware, and grateful for the wonderful benefits they receive from their country, which come as a result of the taxes they pay. There is tax of 25percent on all goods except food, which they pay 15percent on. They don't mind because in return they get health care, college educations, maternal and paternal paid leaves, and free dental care for children up to age 21.

Their homes are modest and filled IKEA furniture. Their lives revolve around physical health (lots of walking and running) and family. There is no sense that they need to have "the best" of everything. Their hand-me-down furniture is just fine, thank you, and no one is trying to outdo their neighbors.

Public transportation is excellent. No one has to have a car and many don't. Fuel is very expensive. But they don't mind walking or jumping on a bus to get where they want to go.

And they are so hungry for the sun that they will sit outside at cafes in full winter wear, grabbing a wool blanket off the pile by the door to wrap up in. Reindeer pelts line the chairs to assure warmth from both sides!

We could learn a whole lot in this country from these sturdy descendants of the conquering Vikings.

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Ben Reichart said...

Sounds wonderful but not feeling the " socialism " aspect of their society. I am of Swedish descent myself. As far as I know we are not descended from any of the Norsemen. I wonder though how expeditiously and carefully they are treated in their medical facilities. I have heard stories about the Canadian system, which is similar. Are the Doctors and Nurses paid by the Government ?