Friday, May 8, 2015


While driving home from Southampton the traffic revealed the season and I made the decision to jump off in Bridgehampton and head onto the southern back roads. It's one of my favorite drives anyway, I just don't think to do it often enough when traffic is moving well.

The first Spring day that I take the back roads are always eye-opening, revealing new construction and re-development. This day I was shocked at the number of homes with real estate signs out front. Not all mansions, but many small homes had signs, and I wondered why.

When I got to the roads that were lined with fields and old farm houses I was reminded once again of one of my favorite homes. It began as a farm house at least 100 years ago. It's still surrounded by fields and sits very close to the road. But a few years ago it became clear that someone had bought this lovely old home as construction began to take place. I was alarmed, thinking the lovely place would soon be unrecognizable, but I was wrong. In a rare case of good taste, and appreciation for history, the new owners did something remarkable to this property. Rather than tear down, or renovate to the point of it being unrecognizable, they built a barn-like structure behind it and connected the two distinct buildings with a simple bridge of a building. And so now there is one large home now-a beautifully restored old farmhouse, connected by what is probably a mud room and hallway to a clearly modern take on a barn. It's a perfect blending of the old and the new.

Sometimes, things just make you smile.

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