Wednesday, May 13, 2015


After 2544 daily posts here I am taking a short break! I'm leaving husband and home for a trip to visit my friend who lived with my family for one year when I was in high school as a foreign exchange student. We have visited back and forth a number of times over the years-this will be my third trip to visit her in Norway and she has been here three or four times over these past 40+ years. But I have not been there in over thirty years, so this will be an exciting trip for me.

I wanted to write and schedule enough posts to carry my blog through this time but just haven't been able to manage it in my busy life. This is the first break of any length I've taken and if I could I would bring my computer along so I could blog about my adventures every day. But between the need to travel light and the complication s of international electrical systems and Internet, I've decided to unplug for ten days and hold my thoughts for when I get home. Besides, who wants to hear about my packing, the beautiful fjords and long days, and the frustrations of traveling anyway! There will be plenty of reminiscences to share later. My past trips to Norway have been times of real spiritual growth and introspection. I expect this one will be as well.

Talk to you all around the 25th!

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Ben Reichart said...

May I suggest, OLD SCHOOL ! write a daily note to yourself and mail it home. That would be cool, don't you think ? Enjoy your trip. I'll be thinking about you and I'll miss your morning posts for sure