Friday, May 29, 2015


Norway is a country blessed with incredible natural beauty. When the glacier receded so many years ago, it left behind the most incredible mountains and fjords, all creating a landscape of breathtaking beauty. The northern lights, the snow capped mountains, and the cliffs along the shore combine with the milder temperatures created by the Gulf Stream, and although the winters are long and dark, the shorter and warmer seasons are full of sunshine and warmth, accented by green grass and multi-hued gardens everywhere.

One of the most interesting things about the scenery there is the contrast with ours here. Seeing mountains and ridges in every direction is quite different from the flat landscapes on Long Island, and the long daylight hours make for the tendency to stay up until late hours, forgetting the time completely. Here I am reminded of the night even during our longest days. Once it's dark in summer I know it's time to head home.

I think it is the differences in people that draw us to each other, and the differences in other things seems to do the same.

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