Monday, May 4, 2015


Well, the flowers are popping up everywhere now. There are pansies on many doorsteps and daffodils of every type covering lawns and brightening corners all over town. My irises are popping through and should be flowering in another few weeks, from what I can see.the leaves are up but the stalks have a way to go.

The grass is nicely green and even my hedges are finally budding. The early species of cherry trees are beautifully blooming and the forsythias are out. The colors of Spring have arrived in force and they are welcome after the long, gray winter.

Every day there are new things to see as the world awakens from its long, quiet slumber. It wakes us as well as we sense the excitement of re-birth and renewal. It's a cycle as old as time and eternal as creation. God's hand at work.

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