Monday, April 27, 2015


Yesterday I talked about how quickly our children grow and leave us-in the blink of an eye as the saying goes. My, how true that is.

When you're in the midst of it - the parenting and the discipline, the bath time and stories, the homework and lessons - it seems as though this is "your life", and thus it shall ever be so. It's impossible to imagine any other life. For me, with four children spread over ten years, it was a matter of over thirty years before our children were all grown and out on their own. So now, it still seems odd to me to have such a quiet house.

Of course, when there are children here and I am busy watching them, it's tiring and I do feel my age. Surely this is why children are meant to be born to young parents! But the other side of it is that they bring an incredible energy to the house and I love it when they fill the house again with laughter, noise, and curiosity.

Grandchildren truly are a gift to us and I am so grateful for every one of them. I loved being a mother. And I love being a grandmother too.

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