Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Yesterday was another stellar day here on the East End and a nice day for a holiday. The village was cray busy all weekend and I think the stores must be pleased because shoppers were out in full force.

We also celebrated our youngest grandchild's birthday yesterday. His actual birthday is today, but with the kids off school and his parents off work it seemed like a good time to get everyone together.

This child is a sweet one, with a wonderful temperament and quiet disposition. His father was similarly wired as a baby but made up for it years later. I wonder if this little guy will prove to be an equally challenging teenager.

He was named after my husband so most everyone calls him "Teddy" but that's confusing to me since its what I call the older version, sand I am still trying to find the right moniker for him. Various things have been floated, some of which do not meet with his paraents' approval, but so far nothing has stuck with me. Since his middle name is "Booker" I thought that might be a good start, but that hasn't fit the bill either.

Perhaps by this time next year I'll have settled on something. But in the meantime on this special day I wish Theodore Booker Borsack a very happy birthday and the wish for many, many, many more....

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Ben Reichart said...

Happy Birthday to " Teddy B " :)