Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stuart Scott

I never watch ESPN. I mean, I may be occasionally passing though the channels and stop to see something being reported, but this week I learned who he was as his untimely death was announced. And I was saddened by the loss of this extraordinary man.

He was a skilled broadcaster for sure. I watched many clips of his work in the many tributes that have been on TV since he died. But what struck me as his great strength was the quality of his character. The speech that he gave when accepting an award this past June was incredible. He talked about how we beat cancer by the way we live our lives and the quality of the life we live. And that's how we defeat cancer at the end of the day. 

We're all going to die. We know that. But he's completely accurate when he says that the way we live our life is what will live on beyond us, not how we died or why we died.

I wish I had known Stuart Scott

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