Saturday, January 24, 2015


Thursday's snow was really gorgeous. It was my favorite kind of precipitation - bit fat flakes that took their sweet time falling to earth, just slowly coming to rest on things. It wasn't a lot of snow and all I had to do was turn on the windshield wipers to clear my window in the car, but it was pretty and I wished I lived on the water or in the woods to see it there. I can only imagine how pretty it was.

Today we're supposed to get some kind of storm but even yesterday they still weren't sure whether it would be snow, rain, or a mixture of both. Even the most sophisticated computer models can only guess at the future weather and as good as they are, we never know for sure out here on the East End exactly what will happen.

I'm on ambulance duty tonight so I'm pulling for rain. Or at the very least that it be over before I go to bed. I don't enjoy ambulance duty at this time of the year. Too cold and with no garage too labor intensive just getting out of my driveway on stormy nights. I'm crossing my fingers for this one, and hopefully in the next 8 weeks I'll get by without being on duty another stormy night. But pretty, fat, lazy snowflakes like we had on Thursday are welcome anytime.

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