Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I wish I were better at printing out and displaying photos.

It seems as though it is much simpler to do photos than it used to be, and yet I don't seem able to manage it. Somehow it was simpler to drop off my film at the photo shop and, wait the week for them to be developed, and then bring them home to discover what I had.

Now it seems more complicate because I have to upload them from the phone or camera into the computer, then to a site to have them developed. Then the arduous task of looking through the many, many shots to choose what is worth developing, because we take far more now than we ever used to, knowing we don't have to pay for anything we don't want to. (Remember getting an entire roll of film back only to discover they prints are all black?) Somehow it takes more time and work to do all that than it used to take to just let the store do it.

Sometimes technology, as wonderful as it i, can really get in the way. Give me an old fashioned phone any day. Sometimes all I really want to do is make a simple phone call.

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