Monday, January 12, 2015


It seems as though we are nearly half way into January and I can barely believe Christmas is over. The holidays flew quickly by and now it seems as though the winter is going to do the same.

It amazes me how quickly time is passing now that I'm my age. Here it is my later years, when I would expect time to slow down a little as I no longer have small children to keep me busy and my time is more my own. But it hasn't happened that way. I'm as busy as I ever have been, my life is full, and I love all the things I do, but sometimes I wonder if my schedule is making time move so quickly by. I want to slow it all down a little. Not to the point of being boring, but to where I can sit back a little more often and watch the world go by.

There's a fine line between being busy and being active. I want to be active but I don't want to be so busy I can't enjoy my life. How do I find the perfect balance? I haven't quite figured that out... yet,

But I am really working on it.

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