Saturday, January 17, 2015


It is really cold here today. Beautiful! But cold.

We are in the deepest part of winter now, halfway through January and looking at another two months before the weather will break. But today was the kind of day I love, with lots of sun and beautiful blue skies.

The streets are busy here in Bonac, as is always the case on holiday weekends even in January. I ventured into the commercial area only once, to run into Ralph Lauren Kids for a birthday gift for my grandson, and was able to grab a spot in the 15 minute zone. Parking was at a premium.

I love shopping in the local fancy stores when the sales are on because the bargains are amazing.  I can buy things at Target prices but with the high quality of the expensive things. I found a couple really nice piece for him at 75% off and that puts them right in my comfort zone.

I went in to shop with only a sweater and gloves on and it was really hard making the walk to and from the car. But I hate being in stores all bundled up and getting warm while waiting for  help. So I went underdresssed, but it was fine. I walked quickly to and from the car! And came home with beautifully boxed and wrapped gifts for a bargain. It was a beautiful day!

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